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Pet Tincture Salmon

We know you love your pets so support their endocannabinoid system with pure CBD Hemp oil to promote and support better cardiovascular function, neurological health and emotional behavior. Helps to maintain physical stamina. For all animals exhibiting signs of stress, anxiety and those responding to environmental stress. Ingredients: Cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from hemp, Salmon Oil.


Give your pets the gift of CBD and they'll be sure to thank you! Whether it's for emotional support, physical health or environmental sensitivities - Our salmon flavored tincture is made from natural ingredients that have been proven to work without any harmful side effects. We understand that supporting your animal health is important your pet and their owners too. This salmon flavored pet tincture includes CBD hemp oil that provides benefits to your beloved animal's cardiovascular function, neurological health and emotional behavior.

Benefits of Pet Salmon Flavored CBD

  • Keeps your pet healthy and happy
  • Helps reduce anxiety and stress in pets
  • Provides relief from pain, anxiety and depression
  • Promotes cardiovascular health


You could apply the oils directly into their mouth which has been found as one of the most effective methods due to its great flavor; this will guarantee they received enough dosage too. Alternatively, if you have a fussy animal who doesn't like taking medicine or having hands near their face, you can drop some or all of it in with food for them.

High Quality Ingredients

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from industrial hemp
  • Salmon Oil