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Hemp in the Raw Sensitive Skin CBD Pain Cream


Are you suffering from muscle pain? Have you tried everything but nothing worked? Maybe all you need is this CBD cream for muscle, joints & body. This excellent formula will help any pain anywhere in your body from headaches to cramps after exercising.

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Hemp in the Raw Sensitive Skin CBD Pain Cream


Our sensitive skin CBD cream is a natural and healthy way to relieve chronic pain, inflammation, and discomfort. Therapeutic rich hemp oil provides relief from localized soreness associated with muscle aches or joint stiffness due to arthritis as well as neck or back pains including nerve-related conditions like sciatica. It also relieves psoriasis symptoms such as skin redness without the need of oral medications that can cause liver damage over time. Our sensitive skin cream is perfect for anyone with a reaction to other topical creams. It's all natural and designed to maintain your wellness!

Benefits of Sensitive Skin CBD Cream

  • Relieve chronic pain, inflammation and discomfort
  • Provides relief from localized soreness associated with muscle aches or joint
  • Maintains your wellness
  • Keeps your skin healthy and happy

Sensitive Skin CBD Cream Directions

CBD hemp oil is a powerful cure-all that can work wonders for your aches and pains. Apply the soothing substance directly to problem areas, using caution around open wounds, sores or contact with your eyes!


  • Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil
  • Hemp Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Distilled Water
  • Vitamin E
  • Natural Preservatives

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Fresher and Higher Quality

Locally grown and produced CBD products are typically fresher and of higher quality, since they are often made with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Increased Transparency

Locally produced CBD products are often more transparent and accountable since the producers are closer to the consumers.

Support for Local Economy

By purchasing locally grown and produced CBD products, you are supporting the local economy and helping to create jobs in your community.

Environment Friendly

Local production of CBD products often means a smaller carbon footprint and less pollution since there is less transportation involved.


CBD is one of the most powerful and versatile compounds in nature. As more people around the world discover CBD, more become interested in educating themselves on CBD’s potential benefits, as well as its potential side effects and risks. Our blog aims to inform, advocate and promote CBD. Our CBD blog is here to inform, advocate and promote the benefits of CBD. We use real science and stories to show the world what this plant can do and how it will impact your life.

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