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CBD is one of the most powerful and versatile compounds in nature. As more people around the world discover CBD, more become interested in educating themselves on CBD’s potential benefits, as well as its potential side effects and risks. Here are some real stories from our customers to show the world what this plant can do and how it will impact your life

Marie M. recommends One Hemp Holistics

If you're looking for excellent, high-quality, effective CBD, then this is the place to go. Kari knows her stuff inside and out. She will direct you to the best products for whatever it is that may be affecting you. Please don't mindlessly buy products from random websites and stores. Let Kari help you! She also put a great protocol together for my mom, who has cancer.

Lisa Seccamanie recommends One Hemp Holistics

I had never used CBD oil before. Ever since I started, my cancer numbers have stopped going up. I ran out of pills a few weeks ago and caught a terrible summer cold that I could not kick. I just got a new supply and am absolutely thrilled with the results. Thank you, Kari

Jurel Hill recommends One Hemp Holistics

I know absolutely nothing about CBD. But after coming here, I learned quite a bit from the friendly employee. I always thought CBD was a different name for weed. I figured no way they were going to fool me and get me in trouble messing with weed. Boy, was I wrong. It feels good to be educated on this matter. You can take so many different types of CBD! I never knew it comes in the form of soap, oil, pills, and gummies. A natural extract that is not an illegal drug is always a good thing.

Jillian Pullis recommends One Hemp Holistics

I went here on my visit to Niagara Falls. I had been struggling for sometime, and was holding myself back from doing a lot of things. I heard about CBD Oil but was afraid to try it. After my visit to this store, I felt completely different. They explained everything wonderfully, and since taking CBD Oil, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me! I truly recommend this store to anyone who is thinking about trying CBD oil or wants to learn more about its benefits in different forms.‍