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Dixie's Delicious Pet Treats

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Every pup loves delicious treats!

So why not give them simply the best CBD inside a delicious treat?

One Hemp’s Pet Treats offer 5 mg of CBD per chew. These may help calm anxiety, reduce any discomfort your pet may be feeling from pain or inflammation.

Give your pup all the love in the world with Dixie’s Delicious Pet Treats

Active Ingredients Per Soft Chew:

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (with naturally occurring CBD): 5 MG

Anti-Anxiety Active Ingredients:

Passion Flower: 30 MG

Valerian Root: 10 MG

Ginger Root: 5 MG

Inactive Ingredients:

Ascorbic Acid, Glycerin, Lecithin, Mixed Tocopherols, Molasses, Natural Bacon Flavor,

Natural Beef Flavor, Natural Cheese Flavor, Purified Water, Rice Bran, Safflower Oil, Sorbic

Acid, Tapioca Starch

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