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Isolate Tincture

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Take control of your health without the fear of getting high with our isolate CBD tincture. All isolate CBD is completely THC free and non-psychoactive which allows you to use it on the go as needed for relief from stress, pain, acne, digestive issues or any other ailment without worrying about side effects or THC levels. There is no need for a prescription which makes our isolate CBD tincture one of the more popular products on our shelves.

Benefits of Isolate CBD

  • Take control of your mental well-being without the fear of getting high
  • No prescription necessary so you can use it anytime, anywhere
  • Feel more confident in your ability to take care of yourself
  • Reduce stress and anxiety on the go
  • Natural & Holistic Approach

CBD Isolate Tincture Directions

The dropper included with this product allows for accurate dosing of our isolate CBD. Simply apply our isolate CBD by following these steps: Hold the dropper under your tongue after applying & wait 90 seconds. After you remove the dropper the isolate CBD will be absorbed quickly to provide instant relief to your daily stress levels.

High Quality Ingredients

  • CBD extracted from Industrial Hemp
  • Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil from Hemp and Coconut Oil (MCT)

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