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Pet Tincture Hemp Seed & Coconut Oil

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Pets deserve to be pampered too! That's why our CBD oil is not only made for humans. We understand that your pets health and well-being are important so we've created a line of cannabis products just for them. The hemp seed portion in this tincture provide benefits like cardiovascular function, neurological health, and emotional behavior support while the coconut oil provides basic skin care qualities. This includes soothing itchy or dry patches as well as also acting as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Benefits of Pet Hemp Seed & Coconut Oil CBD

  • Helps with chronic pain and inflammation
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Gives your pets a healthy glow
  • Contains nutrients they need to be happy and healthy


It's time to get creative! There are many ways you can administer CBD oil, depending on your animal's preference. Most animals will take the CBD oil straight into their mouth, which is the most effective method for this flavor. This ensures they receive the treatment and have gotten a full dose of what they need. For cats, you may want to try mixing with their food by using the applicator that comes with the tincture.

High Quality Ingredients

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from hemp
  • Hemp oil
  • Coconut oil

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